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Plattes Absolutely Anna (AMHR) - Big Time's Anna (ASPC)
Barn Name: Anna
Foaled: 6/7/05
Color: Red Roan Pinto
Reg: ASPC 154840A - Foundation Certified ~ AMHR 314912B
Sire: Dicky's Colored Kid VB
Dam: Big Time's Sally VB
Height: 40 inches/37.75 inches

Anna is adorable, sweet, and 100% Vern Benna breeding.  We feel she is going to
be a fantastic asset to our broodmare herd but we might take her in the show
ring first.  Her red roan pinto coloring is very strking and a rare combination in
Shetlands.  We would like to thank Tom Dingmann for breeding this beautiful
mare and letting us have the opportunity to own her.

Anna had a filly sired by Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF) in 2012 and a colt sired
by Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF) in 2014.  She is exposed to Grassmere's Lil'
American Idol for 2016.

134916A Queen's King VB
130580A Wink's Showdeo Praise
123665A Sunny Acres Sadie
54963 Hillwicke's Silver Flash
116840 Hillswicke's Judy Ann
134934A Red Rock Kid's Sugar Babe
132511A Hillswicke's Big Time
140732A Dickey's Colored Kid VB
2010 Molly Mule
Plattes Uniquely Scintillating
2012 Filly
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Uniquely Distinguished
2014 Colt
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)