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Pedigree for Wauk-A-Way Brave Bear
120562 Wink's Showdeo Tradition
133776A Princess Rocking D
137545A Pro's Tin Man
134934A Red Rock Kid's Sugar Babe
131996A Lee-Land Chile
134736A J-J's Painted Bobette
131996A Lee-Land Chile
130582A Wink's Showdeo Song
136207A J-J's Painted Apache
138966A Sadie's Sassy (HOF)
136630A J-J's Painted Kid
134736A J-J's Painted Bobette
142237A J-J's Painted Duke (HOF)
138945A Bobette's Painted "Beary" Nice
Get of Wauk-A-Way Brave Bear
Plattes Bodacious Blue &
Plattes Shocking Development - 2002 Colts, Plattes Benevolence - 2003 Filly
Plattes Heaveny Apparition & Plattes Synchronicity - 2003 Fillies
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Out of RBD Rip's Centennial Souvenir & Oneka's Supreme Surprise
Out of RBD Rip's Centennial Souvenir
Out of Masters Delmonico Little Angel
Out of Oneka's Supreme Surprise
Plattes Byzantine - Filly & Plattes Lemurian - Colt, PtHA Only Colt, all 2004
Out of RBD Rip's Centennial Souvenir & Hopwood's Silver Laketa
Out of Plattes Belle N Blue
Platte's Lil Miss Perfection - 2004 Filly, Plattes Nearly Bear Naked - 2005 Colt
Out of S&B Sweet Sue
Out of Plattes Angelic Dream
Rose Walled Meadow Brook - 2005 Filly, H.P.'s Bear Jewel's Sweetie - 2006
Out of Kahle's Zelda
We sold Wauk-A-Way Brave Bear in early 2008 and he is now a gelding.
Out of H.P. Prince's Redeeming Jewel
ShyAcres Wauk-N-Brave Kachina - 2008 Filly, Plattes Magnanimous - 2008
Out of MRF Platinum Rose Mystique
Out of Hope of Valhalla's