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Pedigree for Roadrunner Cody's Copy
22922 X--Dapples
22924 King's X Donna
21418 Colonel Cody
25250 Silver Mane's Silver Zephyr
100285 Ramble Ridge Regal Heir
98396 Ramble Ridge Irene
56526 Maplecrest's Mr. Mastercraft
73890 J-Ville Lady Love
30634 Curtiss-Frisco Pete
34141 Silver Mane's Unique Cody
114670 Ramble Ridge Rocket
110230 Bannerette of Ramble Ridge
101346 Silver Mane's Frisco Cody (HOF)
128875 Rockette of Ramble Ridge
Get of Roadrunner Cody's Copy
2005 - Plattes Deception Perfected & McCalls RedneckWoman of PlatteRidge
Filly out of Hopwood's Silver Peace Rose
2006 - Plattes Carbon Copy, Plattes Xerox Copy BF
Filly out of McCall's BB Passionate Blue
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Colt out of Hopwood's Silver Laketa
Colt out of McCall's BB Passionate Blue
2006 - Plattes Mimeograph & Plattes Lithograph
Filly out of Oneka's Supreme Surprise
Filly out of RBD Rip's Centennial Souvenir (Deceased)
2006 - Plattes Pictograph, 2007 Plattes Hard Copy
Filly out of Hopwood's Silver Peace Rose
Colt out of Thistle Ridge B.P. Shady Lady
2007 Plattes Perfectly Copied & Plattes Patriotically Copied
Filly out of Cheg-Kim's Faire Dinkum
Filly out of Hopwood's Silver Peace Rose
On May 10, 2009 we made a very difficult decision and Roadrunner Cody's Copy was
put down.  Copy was truly a once in a life time kind of pony.  Every Foundation breeder
dreams of having the opportunity to add old bloodlines to their herd and Copy was the
fulfilment of that dream for Platte Ridge Farm.  Copy was 23 when we brought him
home and he gave us 7 fillies and 3 colts.  One daughter, Plattes Deception Perfect was
sold to Adam Longman and another daughter, Plattes Lithograph was lost to colic as a
yearling.  The other 5 daughters were retained by Platte Ridge Farm as future

Copy was owned by Bellevue Farm but lived the last 5 years of his life at Platte Ridge
Farm.  He will be greatly missed but his memory will live on through his get as they go
on to make their mark in both the show ring and the breeding herd.  

Copy was the 1983 Reserve Champion All Star Model Stallion and Reserve Champion All
Star Two-Year-Old Stallion.
Left: The first photo of Copy
taken at Platte Ridge Farm March

Below: 24 Years Old October 2005
Both photos
October 2005

Below Left
2005, Below
Right Sept.
Left: March

Doing what he
loved best -
making noise
kicking things!
Sept. 2005
Above Left: The last photo taken of Copy.  Abby loved to braid Copy's forelock and
mane and he was always very patient while she did it.  April 19, 2009