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Barn Name: Diamond
Foaled: 6/4/00
Color: Black
Reg: ASPC 149283A / AMHR 215362B - Foundation Certified
Sire: Grassmere's Show-Dee-Oh Kid III
Dam: J-J's Black Gem (AMHR HOF Superior Dam)
Height: 38" / 36.5"

Diamond was one of the three mares we bought when Gwen Smith of Action
Farms passed way in 2015.  She is a stunning little mare who is a pleasure to be
Looking For Action
2015 Colt
Sire: Ozark Mtns Action Hunter (HOF)
Wink's Showdeo Kid
Wink's Roja
Wait and See's Curious George
Wait and See's Foxxy Ann
Kid Lee
Kid Lee
Sunny Acres Sadie
Wink's Showdeo Kid II
Wait and See's Goddess Ann
Lee-Land Chile
Red Rock Sally
Grassmere's Show-Dee-Oh Kid III
J-J's Black Gem/Grassmere's J.J Black Gem (HOF)