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At Platte Ridge Farm we believe in the old adage "A good stallion makes a great
gelding".  Geldings make the ideal childs pony because they do not have hormone
issues like stallions and mares can have.  A good gelding is worth his weight in gold!
Fancy King of Wyoming
Foaled: 3/26/01
Color: Black Near Leopard Appaloosa
Reg: AMHR 212944A
Sire: Flying H King of Clubs Caidoz
Dam: Frig Master's Fancy 34.5"
Height: 34"

here for pedigree.

Abby has wanted an Appy for years
and when this little guy came though a
sale we attended we couldn't pass
him up.  He was 6 years old and intact
but we knew he would make an
awesome youth performance gelding
and he has!  King does wonderfully in
Obstacle in Hand and is currently
learning to jump in hand.  Abby would
also like to drive him in the future.
Grassmere's Overly Dramatic
Foaled: 7/1/04
Color: Black
Reg: ASPC 156781A - Foundation
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Sho-Dee-Oh Kid
Dam: Grassmere's Sweetheart
Height: 42 inches

"Ned" was Abby's 2011 summer
project and we think he's going to
be an incredible show gelding.  
Watch for him in the show ring in
the future!