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Pedigree for Fancy King of Wyoming
6307A Toyland Zodiac (Falabella) 31.00"
6429A Toyland Tinker Belle 32.00"
Unregistered Sire
Unregistered Dam
53298B Beulah's Glory Flashdance 36.50"
41930A Luna's Blue Eyes 34.00"
23849A Sharpings Roan Man 33.00"
34174B Spring Chick 35.00"
32141A Toyland Tinker Boy 31.50"
38481B Flying H Katie Lee 35.50"
70014T Blue Eye Painter
66205A Frig Master 32.00"
86643A Flying H King of Clubs Caidoz 33.5"
90025B Frig Master's Fancy 34.50"
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