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Barn Name: Kitty
Foaled: 4/7/04
Color: Black
Reg: ASPC 156328A - Foundation Certified
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Sho-Dee-Kid
Dam: Grassmere's Showgirl
Height: 40.5"

Grassmere's Kit Kat has lived her entire reproductive life at Platte Ridge Farm. She is ASPC/AMHR but
her breeder held the AMHR papers when she was finally relinquished to us (she is an easy measure, in
fact we took her for her hardship measurement *and* paid for her hardship registration). She is a
AMHR Sweepstakes money earning producer as well as a Congress Champion producer. Since we
don't have her R papers we will likely continue to breed her to our ASPC only stallions.   
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