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Pedigree for Plattes Lithograph
30634 Curtiss-Frisco Pete
34141 Silver Mane's Unique Cody
114670 Ramble Ridge Rocket
110230 Bannerette of Ramble Ridge
37386 Rip's Little Masterpiece
37380 Larigo's Red Lass
54963 Hillswicke's Silver Flash
109463 Hillswicke's Marcheta
101346 Silver Mane's Frisco Cody (HOF)
128875 Rockette of Ramble Ridge
113526 Rip's Black Larigo
132502A Hillswicke's Tennille '77
134615A Roadrunner Cody's Copy
137627A RBD Rip's Centennial Souvenir
We lost Lithograph to colic on November 23, 2007.  She was just a long
yearling and had so much potential.  She was my little work of art, truly a one
of a kind in both personality and pedigree.  I had such hopes for her but it
was not meant to be.  She fought the good fight but in the end it was just
too much.  I think she knew how devastated I would be and I can't help but
feel that she's somehow responsible for her maternal half-sister Eve coming
back into my life.  I agreed to repurchase Eve three days prior to losing Lith.  

In a strange twist of fate Lith's maternal half-brother Teddy, who Rosvold
Farms had sold several years ago, changed hands recently and his new owner
contacted Rosvold Farms about him the day after Lith passed away.  What
were the chances that two of Bonnie's foals who we had lost track of would
re-appear so close to the time of Lith passing?  I don't believe in

Thank you Lithograph for being part of my life - rest in peace my beautiful
August 2007
Taken as a newborn.
August 2007
May 10, 2006 - November 23, 2007