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Pedigree for Plattes Unparalleled
137608A Michigan's Hart Breaker (HOF)
135519A Michigan's Tar Baby
134562A War Whoop
134321A Knight's Bright Eyes
127386A Royal Lee
125134A Royal LeAnn
133258A Royal Red Viking
133922A Bear's Crescent Lady
142902A Michigan's Freeway Fred (HOF)
138432A Knight's Sioux (HOF)
133258A Royal Red Viking
136288A Royal Blondie Le
150449A Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
144280A Royal Delicate Design
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Barn Name: Perry
Foaled: 5/20/08
Color: Bay
Reg: ASPC 159188 - Foundation Certified
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Dam: Royal Delicate Design
Height: 42"
Parents DNA on File with ASPC and University of Kentucky.  Will be Parentage Verified
prior to breeding.

here for pedigree.

There is no greater pleasure as a breeder than seeing your hard work and planning
pay off in the show ring.  Plattes Unparalleled has met and surpassed all expectations -
a Congress Champion as a yearling and Modern Halter Hall of Fame as a two-year-old.  
We haven't decided just what the future holds for Perry yet but whatever he does we
know he'll do it with his usual zest and flair!  Perry is, in my opinion, the best son
Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF) has sired to date.  
Congratulations to Kristen on her
purchase of Perry!  We can't wait to see him in the show ring again!
Plattes Unparalleled's show accomplishments include:
• 2010 Modern Halter Hall of Fame
• 2010 Shetland Congress 3rd Place Modern Liberty
• 2009 Shetland Congress Champion Modern Pleasure Yearling Stallion, Under
• 2009 Shetland Congress Reserve Futurity Champion Modern Pleasure Yearling Stallion
Plattes Undeniably Grand
2014 Colt out of McCall's
KL 100 Hundred Grand