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Barn Name: Picky
Foaled: 5/15/06
Color: Flaxen Chestnut
Reg: ASPC 155522A - Foundation Certified ~ AMHR Pending
Sire: Roadrunner Cody Copy
Dam: Hopwood's Silver Peace Rose
Height: 38" AMHR/39.5" ASPC

Picky's beautiful flaxen chestnut color is set off by her huge snip and
large expressive eyes.  Pictograph stands out in the crowd!  Like the
other Copy daughters she's is a very smooth bodied mare with a lot
of style.  Picky won the Area VI Yearling Foundation Futurity in 2007.

SOLD! Congratulations Nora!
131961A Blue Chip's Billy Bob VB
105613A Mercury Cody Rainbow Princess
137914A Sonara's Cresent Oracle Rose
128875 Rockette of Ramble Ridge