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Barn Name: Silk
Foaled: 5/25/03
Color: Bay
Reg: ASPC 151712A - Foundation Certified
Sire: Royal Red Viking
Dam: Bold Print's Dreamer
Height: 44.75 inches Permanent Card
DNA: Silk's parents DNA is on file with the ASPC and the University of
Kentucky and she can be Parentage Verified

Silk started her show career as a yearling.  She was stunning even then
but a bit too extreme in looks for the Classic show ring so we chose
to show her Modern Pleasure.  Silk earned many Top 5 and Top 10
National All Star rankings as a yearling.  We brought Silk back out into
the show ring in the Classic Division at the National Shetland Congress in
2005 where she placed Top 10 in every class she was shown in after a
year out of the ring.  She was shown again Modern Pleasure at one show
in 2010 where she went Reserve Grand Champion after her daughter

Silk produced fillies sired by Unique in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. She
produced a Congress Champion filly with Mister in 2013.
116097 Rangemore's King Royal
115207 Crescent Blondie Lee
116097 Rangemore's King Royal
119478A Mrs. Lee
116222 Miss Jezebel
91891 Sunny Acres Dynamo
125258A Sunny Acres Sally Ann
127386A Royal Lee
125134A Royal Le Ann
133103A Rocket's Apollo
131524A Sunny Acres Night Song
Plattes Unrelenting
2007 Filly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Unrepenting
2008 Filly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Unwavering
2009 Filly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Unerring
2011 Filly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Uniquely Divine
2013 Filly
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Congress Champion
Plattes Uniquely Inspired
2015 Colt
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Alchemist
2017 Colt
Sire: Grassmere's Lil' American Idol
Plattes Troubleshooter
2020 Colt
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Triffic