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Plattes Triumphant
2018 Colt
Dam: Plattes Unrelenting
Plattes Trickster
2018 Colt
Dam: Thunder-Ridge Sparklin Blue
Plattes Tranquility
2018 Filly
Dam: Royal Acclamation
Plattes Transcendence
2018 Filly
Dam: Plattes Angelic Dream
132634A Michigan's Gallopping Gourmet
132460A Michigna's Heart Throb (HOF)
132634A Michigan's Gallopping Gourmet
130419A Michigan's Bit Of Honey
132591A Royal Spotted Boy
131220A Lee-Land, Jenni's Pony
129964A Pony-Vista's Hi-Lee
126937A Dream Maker's Cheerleader
135519A Michigan's Tar Baby
134562A War Whoop
134321A Knight's Bright Eyes
138432A Knight's Sioux 43.00" (HOF)
Barn Name: Triffic
Foaled: 5/22/01
Color: Bay
Reg: ASPC 149203A - Foundation Certified
Sire: Michigan's Freeway Fred (Halter HOF & Superior Sire)
Dam: Knight's Sioux (HOF Superior Dam)
Height: 44"

here for pedigree & pictures of get.

"You bought your stallion's full brother?" "What?" "Why?"  Yes, I fielded a lot of
questions when people started to discover I'd purchased Triffic! As always, there was a
method to my apparent madness. Unlike Unique, Triffic will pasture breed, giving me
other options for hard to catch in heat or silent heat mares. Then there is the fact that
he is absolutely gorgeous and though they are full brothers, Unique favors their dam in
looks and Triffic favors their sire. It's the best of both worlds!

Sold! Congratulations Matty & James!
Plattes Tripwire
2019 Filly
Wild Oak's Smokes' Serena
Plattes Troubleshooter
2020 Colt
Dam: Oneka's French Silk
Plattes Trooper
2020 Colt
Dam: Grassmere's Regal Rebel Rose