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Pedigree for Plattes Unrepenting
137608A Michigan's Hart Breaker (HOF)
135519A Michigan's Tar Baby
134562A War Whoop
134321A Knight's Bright Eyes
127386A Royal Lee
125134A Royal LeAnn
133103A Rocket's Apollo
131524A Sunny Acres Night Song
142902A Michigan's Freeway Fred (HOF)
138432A Knight's Sioux (HOF)
133258A Royal Red Viking
138895A Bold Print's Dreamer
150449A Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
151712A Oneka's French Silk
On January 25, 2011 Plattes Unrepenting passed away from an impaction colic.  I have
bonded with few ponies the way I bonded with Penting.  The grief was so incredible
that it has taken me nearly 3 months to even be able write a memorial to her.  I have
enjoyed showing few ponies as much as I enjoyed showing Penting.  She was so
willing, and if I was on she was on.  She was two grand championships and just a few
points from her Modern Halter Hall of Fame and 2011 was meant to be her year - I had
planned to campaign her exclusively.  I miss her incredibly.