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Pedigree for Vixen Lou-Ed
20872 Billy Boy Crescent
24463 Lady Larigo R.
23370 Red Larigo
31576 Ine Vee
24471 Gallant Knight B.
23147 Captain's Silver Flash
23010 Tony Boy Junior
27260 Patton's Delight
30058 Red Crescent King
53783 Larigo Bright Eyes
39664 Knight's Gold Guinea
37052 Tony's Show Girl "M"
108736 H.V. "King of All"
113454 Violet Lou-Ed
Get of Vixen Lou-Ed
Plattes Amorite - 2004 Filly and Vienna Lou-Ed - 1991 Filly
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Sired by Captain's Show-Man
Sired by H.V.
Vixen was the first Lou-Ed girl that Platte Ridge Farm purchased from Henry
Siemers of Marshalltown, IA.  When Louise Relph retired from breeding in
1995 Henry Siemers purchased the remainder of her broodmares.  Vixen
produced several beautiful foals sired by Captain's Show-Man for Henry and
was purchased by Platte Ridge in early 2004. Vixen passed away during the
early hours of October 5, 2007 as the result of a nearby lightning strike.  
She will be greatly missed by her legacy lives on in her many beautiful
August 2005
November 2005
Sired by H.V.
Valeria Crescent Lou-Ed - 1994 Filly